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Attorneys love to publicize success stories on their websites and social media.  Posting about recent victories is valuable marketing tool to generate new clients.  Attorney success stories can often disclose details regarding clients, which could raise client confidentiality concerns. READ MORE >>

Remember the Abbott & Costello baseball routine.  Who is on 1st, What is on 2nd and I Don’t Know is on 3rd ?   Well this is a little like that.  It can be a little maddening to figure out what is going on. READ MORE >>

An often overlooked item is what entities are actually insured under the Attorney Malpractice Insurance Policy?  Attorney Malpractice Insurance policies are written on behalf of the named insured firm.  All attorneys that work for the firm are insured for the work that they do for the firm under that policy. READ MORE >>

Legal Malpractice Insuring agreements are not created equally.  The insuring agreement might also be called “Defense and Settlement” or a similar name.  This plus the “Additional Coverages” sections tell you the intent of the policy.  Lookout for these key terms in the insuring agreement: READ MORE >>

You cannot know what is covered until you know what is not covered.  Attorney professional liability insurance policies are not standard, so making the assumption that every Attorney Malpractice Insurance policy is the same; as the saying goes will make an “Ass out of you”. READ MORE >>

You are very happy as it appears that your new policy is going to save you money.  But as with the changing seasons there are certain things you want to check when you switch claims-made malpractice insurers.  Items to check: 1.       Check the named insured and who is insured. READ MORE >>

Premium and the policy forms are important when selecting a professional liability insurance policy.  But selecting the right malpractice insurer is paramount. When selecting an insurer you should consider: 1.       What is the AM Best Rating and malpractice insurer size? READ MORE >>

Attorney Malpractice Insurance is not like homeowners, auto, or business insurance.  You need a seasoned agent that is trained and experienced in legal malpractice insurance and “claims-made” insurance.  Here are a few of the reasons: 1. READ MORE >>

Law Firms, Accounting Firms and Title Agencies know that they need professional liability insurance for their malpractice or errors and omissions coverage.  But many firms neglect the business side of their practice.  BOP stands for Business Owners Policy is sometimes also referred to as Business Insurance. READ MORE >>

There are frequent stories about employees embezzling funds from their employers.  Government entities, businesses, and non-profits have all been victims.  What many attorneys do not realize is that law firms are frequent victims of embezzlement.  Both large and small law firms have been victims of embezzlement. READ MORE >>

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