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Defendant New Jersey Attorney Cige in the case of Balducci v Cige had plaintiff Balducci sign a fee agreement that allowed Attorney Cige to collect the greater of his hourly rate plus expenses or a portion of the settlement in the underlying discrimination case. READ MORE >>

PF Chang v Federal is a great case to discuss limitations in Business Owners Insurance (BOP)/Commercial General Liability (CGL) and Cyber Liability.  This case goes to the heart of making sure that your insurance coverages for malpractice insurance, BOP/CGL and Cyber Liability properly cover the firm’s exposures. READ MORE >>

Too often law firms are so focused on the legal malpractice insurance exposures they neglect to protect the assets needed for running the law practice.  The following check list is just a start to get the firm thinking about the other exposures that may or may not need insurance coverage. 1. READ MORE >>

What is an attorney to do?  Depending on the state you live in, paid marketing services from vendors such as Avvo can be in the legal cross hairs of your state ethics committees.  Pasts blogs, ‘Ethics Opinion on Fee-Sharing is bad news for Avvo Legal Services' and ‘Attorney ... READ MORE >>

Approximately twenty-five percent of legal malpractice claims result from calendaring issues.  The claims can range from failure to know a deadline, failure to timely file, failure to record in a calendar or failure to respond to a calendar reminder.  Law firms should use calendaring for all projects, events and deadlines. READ MORE >>

A November 1, 2018,  article by Gregory A. Gidus and John C. Pitblado by  of Carlton Fields article entitled "Failure To Procure Cyber Insurance Could Haunt Your Company" about a federal court decision goes directly to the question as to whether you need to purchase cyber insurance. READ MORE >>

Remember the TV show that voted you off if you were the weakest link?  A number of studies have concluded that the person at the keyboard is your weakest link and the greatest data security threat.  In fact employees were the number one cause of data breaches in small and mid-sized businesses accounting for over 48% of all incidents. READ MORE >>

Attorneys love to publicize success stories on their websites and social media.  Posting about recent victories is valuable marketing tool to generate new clients.  Attorney success stories can often disclose details regarding clients, which could raise client confidentiality concerns. READ MORE >>

Remember the Abbott & Costello baseball routine.  Who is on 1st, What is on 2nd and I Don’t Know is on 3rd ?   Well this is a little like that.  It can be a little maddening to figure out what is going on. READ MORE >>

An often overlooked item is what entities are actually insured under the Attorney Malpractice Insurance Policy?  Attorney Malpractice Insurance policies are written on behalf of the named insured firm.  All attorneys that work for the firm are insured for the work that they do for the firm under that policy. READ MORE >>

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