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Hiscox is a leading provider of Cyber Insurance worldwide.  This is their 3rd Cyber Report, which can give an interesting perspective in trends from prior years.  The number of firms reporting a cyber-attack has increased from 45% in 2018 to 61% in the 2019 report. READ MORE >>

Every few months we have a law firm contact us about a judge that awarded attorney’s fees to the other party.  That award can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Many are under the false assumption that this is something normally covered under an attorney malpractice policy. READ MORE >>

The last few blogs have been about cyber and data breaches.  We have blogged about passwords before, but sometimes the victims make it way too easy for the criminals.  I know you should not blame the victims for the crime, but number one on the password list was used over 23 million times in public databases of breached accounts according to a recent BBC Article. READ MORE >>

2019 Webinar Series for Accounting Professionals A Risk Management Resource for Accounting Professionals READ MORE >>

L Squared Agency is a nationwide agency that specializes in professional liability insurance.  Because many of our clients need access to surplus lines insurers, L Squared also is a surplus lines broker in many states.  All surplus lines policies need to be reported to each state when written by a surplus lines broker. READ MORE >>

This is a common question as to what the Innocent Insured Clause does? It is easy to misunderstand the meaning and intent of this clause in a policy. Deliberate or illegal acts are normally not insurable either by rule of law or the insurance language. READ MORE >>

Google and other internet search engines made their fortunes selling keywords searches.  Everyone bids for keywords to get their website shown first on the page.  Now if the keyword your competitor is paying for is “estate work” for instance, not too much controversy. READ MORE >>

An attorney can be in between jobs and wants coverage until their next job comes along. That attorney wants legal malpractice protection.  With frequency we get asked about short terms attorney malpractice policies, this is that recently asked question: From Attorney: READ MORE >>

Accountants that choose to go without errors & omissions insurance believe that because they work for a small firm and maintain close relationships with their regular clients, that they are immune to claims. Other accountants believe that the chances of them facing a claim aren’t great enough for them to purchase an Accountants Errors & Omissions insurance policy. READ MORE >>

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