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Frequently a law firm has a contract that requires a bond.  But the law firm does not want to purchase the bond since they have an attorney malpractice policy that provides similar coverage.  So the law firm is hoping that that the court will accept their insurance policy in place of purchasing a bond. READ MORE >>

With one insurer and another rumored to be dropping attorney malpractice insurance soon, it is doubling important to renew with equivalent coverage.  Also, if you have any hint of an incident or claim it is extremely important to report these to your incumbent insurer prior to changing insurers. READ MORE >>

Professional Solutions Insurance Company (PSIC) wrote their Attorney Malpractice Insurance using the program name Attorney Shield.  Carolina Casualty Insurance Company (CCIC) purchased the book of business and for renewals starting with effective dates on or after 1/1/2020, are offering renewal terms. READ MORE >>

Great News for Lawyers with Professional Solutions (PSIC)! GenStar has agreed to interpret the years that an insured has been continuously insured with PSIC as counting as being insured through our RPG for purposes of calculating benefits under our normal Rewards endorsement. READ MORE >>

With Professional Solutions Insurance Company (PSIC) dropping Lawyer s Professional Liability Insurance what happens to the “Free” Retirement Tail? If PSIC has issued the non-practicing extended reporting period endorsement (ERP) attached to your policy, then you have nothing to worry about. READ MORE >>

Received a non-renewal notice that Professional Solutions Insurance Company (PSIC) Attorney Shield is getting out of Attorney Malpractice Insurance, now what? L Squared Insurance Agency was one of the larger writers of PSIC Attorney Shield Malpractice Insurance.  In fact, we were one of the 1st agencies to write for them. READ MORE >>

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