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L Squared Insurance Agency Blog: ethics

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According to the Orange County Register, California Defense Attorney James Crawford got into a brawl with District Attorney Investigator Dillon Alley on the 10th Floor of the Santa Ana Courthouse.  There were conflicting stories about who started the brawl.  Different witnesses stated that each party had thrown the first punch. READ MORE >>

Attorney in Washington state had a continued history of double dealing with her firm. After being fired for the practice she mislead her new employer and continued the same arrangement with individual clients outside of her firm.  For that and many other sins she was disbarred. READ MORE >>

Yesterday we blogged about client selection and how client selection helps prevent Attorney Malpractice Claims.  Today we have a Monkey attempting to file a copyright infringement suit against a photographer.  PETA decided that it was time to help an Indonesia Macau Monkey named Naruto protect his rights to the “Monkey Selfies” that he took in 2011. READ MORE >>

Question from Attorney: Will you write an Attorney Malpractice Insurance Policy for me without prior acts coverage?  I currently have prior acts coverage and want to renew without any prior acts coverage to save money.  I do not want to purchase a Tail or Extended Reporting Period Endorsement from the incumbent insurer. READ MORE >>

New York Attorney M Scott Vayer was admitted to practice law in 1980.  Somewhere around 2001 Vayer stopped reregistering with the Office of Court Administration (OCA) because of the stresses in his life prevented him from being able to complete his CLE. READ MORE >>

Insured asks: What is ‘Step Rating’?  I did not find term defined or mentioned in my policy. Response: Attorney Malpractice Insurance policies are written ‘claims made’ policy form.   Most Claims Made Policies are Step Rated. READ MORE >>

As an accountant and auditor through the years of working with attorneys and seeing some of the claims reported because of lack of controls I have always been amazed.  More than one attorney has decided that they only want to ‘practice law’ and leave the ‘business side of the law’ to lessors. READ MORE >>

According to USA Today, New York Suffolk County District Judge is accused of repeatedly breaking into his neighbors house and stealing the 23-year-old daughters underwear out of the clothes hamster.  READ MORE >>

In a previous blog, Attorney Malpractice—Substance Abuse the Practice of Law’s Dirty Little Secret', we detailed attorney’s struggles with substance abuse.  The ABA just documented another attorney whose practice of law has been cut short by his drinking. READ MORE >>

There are many reasons that a person or entity might want to provide funding helping a plaintiff pursue a commercial lawsuit.  It can be for personal reasons such as promoting a cause or settling a score.  But most litigation funding is now coming from professional  3rd parties that make a business on betting which cases will be successful. READ MORE >>

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