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L Squared Insurance Agency Blog: cyber liability

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The following article is from Wilson Elser/Attorneys Advantage website that our clients that are with Aon/AXIS Insurance have access to. October 30, 2018 Author: David H. Potter Data breaches and cyberattacks are becoming more prevalent and law firms have quickly become attractive targets for hackers due to the sensitive and privileged information firms collect. READ MORE >>

According to a number of media outlets, a Hiscox Insurance Company spokesman confirmed that one of its insured Law Firms has hacked.  Dark Overlord is demanding a ransom to not release sensitive 9/11 documents. READ MORE >>

A November 1, 2018,  article by Gregory A. Gidus and John C. Pitblado by  of Carlton Fields article entitled "Failure To Procure Cyber Insurance Could Haunt Your Company" about a federal court decision goes directly to the question as to whether you need to purchase cyber insurance. READ MORE >>

Ransomware encrypts computer files and is used by hackers who then demand money in exchange for freeing the content.  It is becoming a huge problem globally.  The costs of unlocking data varies; with individuals typically paying a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars for businesses. READ MORE >>

Concerned about Privacy and Data security.  Turns out the Facebook might be tracking all of your phone contacts and phone numbers.  A BBC reporter, Rory Cellan-Jones just wrote an article entitled If I’ve got your number, so has Facebook. READ MORE >>

The Hartford's Tom Kang wrote a recent article on How to Respond to Ransomware.  It is a worthwhile read: By Tom Kang   The first ransom note in American history was written in 1874, when kidnappers demanded $20,000 to return four-year-old Charley Ross to his parents. READ MORE >>

How to Respond if Your Company's Data is Taken Hostage   By Tom Kang of The Hartford   The first ransom note in American history was written in 1874, when kidnappers demanded $20,000 to return four-year-old Charley Ross to his parents. READ MORE >>

By Nate Hindman of The Hartford There’s nothing quite like the dread you feel after realizing you’ve sent a questionable email at work. Maybe you notice that the target of your email’s scorn was still CC’d, or maybe you’re a victim of the ever-dangerous accidental-send midway through introducing yourself to a new contact or client. READ MORE >>

By James O'Brien of The Hartford Data Breach Owning a small business means owning data. You’re constantly acquiring new information related to your customers, your financial details, and all the vendors and contractors with whom you work. READ MORE >>

While everyone focuses on Cyber Security and are worried about high tech break-ends.  This is yet another reminder that not all Data Breaches need a computer.  The Australian government had disposed of some filing cabinets.  They were recently found at a 2nd hand shop where the contents were revealed after the cabinets were pried open. READ MORE >>

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