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L Squared Insurance Agency Blog: fee suits

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Attorneys become upset when they find out that suing clients for unpaid legal fees can cause their attorney malpractice insurance premiums to increase.  In fact, with many admitted malpractice insurers as few as 5 client fee suits for unpaid legal fees in a 2 year period causes the insu... READ MORE >>

Making a practice of suing clients for unpaid legal fees is like playing the lotto.  The more you sue the greater your chances of getting a retaliatory malpractice claim or disciplinary complaint. An attorney will state, “I want to get paid for the work that I do, so why does my Lawyers Liability Insurance carrier care? READ MORE >>

Many lawyers and law firms are faced with this problem.  The firm has done all the right things trying to avoid billing problems by setting expectations clearly and in writing from the outset to avoid surprises for clients:  obtained an upfront retainer, billed on time, providing clear understandable bills, and  specified the deadline for payment. READ MORE >>

A recent blog addressed many issues associated with Suing Clients to Collect Unpaid Legal Fees.  A few law firms seem to think that it is not as bad if they turn the accounts over to a 3rd party to collect.  Attorney Malpractice Insurance Carriers treat these suits the same as the firm had sue the client directly. READ MORE >>

Suing a client for unpaid legal fees many times is a bad idea.  Yes many attorneys wait until after the statute has run, and yes this may prevent a counter claim or at least provide a defense.  But this does not prevent a bar complaint and if done with any frequency will impact on your attorney malpractice premiums. READ MORE >>

AttPro Risk Tip of the Month Suing your client for fees often results in a counterclaim for legal malpractice. Try to resolve the issue with good communication with the client. If you need help, some bar associations offer fee dispute resolution assistance. READ MORE >>

Many attorneys are upset when they find out that suing clients for unpaid legal fees can cause their lawyers malpractice insurance premiums to increase.  In fact, with many admitted Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance carriers as few as 5 suits in READ MORE >>

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