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L Squared Insurance Agency Blog: phishing

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Every get an e-mail that implies that you have won the lottery or that if you will just help this unknown person out you will be rich beyond your dreams? Best advice is to just delete the e-mail and do not ‘pass go’.  It is true that you will not collect your $200, but you also won’t drain your bank account. READ MORE >>

This appears to be a case of The Friday Afternoon Fraud that we have previously blogged about.  According to a Housing Wire post American Pacific Mortgage (APM) is suing its insurer Aspen Specialty (Aspen) for a fraudulent wire transfer that occurred in 2015. READ MORE >>

All of us have heard or seen reminders of cyber-attacks.  Most cyber-attacks start by literally having an employee open the door for the cybercriminal.  With the increasing frequency of cyber-attacks the 1st defense needs to be education.  Having your employees and staff trained to recognize the threats this is that 1st step. READ MORE >>

I have personnally recieved 2 bogus e-mails from "" this morning.  If you look below, this is part of what one of the e-mails looks like.  DocuSign has about 200 million users and has been embraced as a quick and secure way to sign contracts and other official documents using even a finger on a mobile device. READ MORE >>

A little over a month ago we blogged about 2 Giant Tech Companies that were duped by a Lithuanian man out of over $100 Million in a Phishing Scam:  To read the initial blog click below.  2 Major Tech Firms Scammed out of $100 Million  The BBC has gotten information that the 2 Tech Giants were Google and Facebook. READ MORE >>

We received the attached notice from Intermedia that you should be aware of.   The L Squared Tech staff also states that you should be particularly wary of RTF (Rich Text Format) files.   Microsoft has stated that they will be releasing an update on April 11, that addresses the issue. READ MORE >>

In what the US Attorney’s Office stated should be a “Wake Up call to all companies”, 2 unnamed high tech firms were duped out of over $100 Million by a Lithuanian man.  The Lithuanian man, Evaldas Rimasauskas, is charged in using a phishing e-mail scam to garner the monies from the 2 companies. READ MORE >>

Don’t Click on Strange Emails or Links Seeking Updated Information IR-2015-31, Feb. 18, 2015 WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service today warned return preparers and other tax professionals to be on guard against bogus emails making the rounds seeking updated personal or professional information that in reality are phishing schemes. READ MORE >>

This is a little different then our normal blog.  But these were recently sent to us via Florida Department of Insurance as active scams: "Can You Hear Me Now?" - Callers claiming to be from the IRS ask the question, "Can you hear me now? READ MORE >>

HACK ALERT! You can tell that AOL and it's associated e-mail domains have been hacked.  The following e-mail with an domain or other AOL associated domains have started to show up.  Even if you know the sender this is a hack.  If you click on the link to view the document you are likely to connect to a virus/phishing site. READ MORE >>

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