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Whether a Law or Accounting firm rents, owns a building or works out of their house; a Business Owners Policy (BOP) is essential insurance coverage.  While most firms understand how important malpractice insurance is.  Professional liability insurance only covers the errors and omissions. READ MORE >>

Many Law Firms carry large balances in Escrow Trust and IOLTA accounts.  What would happen if those funds disappear?  Law firms may rely on a “trusted” employee to manage the funds, balance the accounts, deposit funds and write checks.  Unfortunately this “trusted” employee is a leading cause of loss. READ MORE >>

In the past we have blogged about attorney malpractice policies not answering cyber claims and that even though a business owner’s policy (BOP) may contain some cyber coverage, it likely will not provide all of the coverage and limits that a true cyber policy provides. READ MORE >>

Many businesses, including Law Firms, Accounting Firms and Title Agencies are out of business when the power goes off.  The days of the green eye-shades are long gone.  According to The Hartford Article,power outages are one of the most common business disruptions that you need to be prepared for. READ MORE >>

Recently blogged that Umbrella policies will not cover most professional liability exposures; including Attorney and Accountant Malpractice perils.  To get additional coverage limits for your professional liability policy you need to get an “Excess” Professional Liability Insurance policy. READ MORE >>

Many firms and some insurance agents do not think about this coverage.  But even if the only thing a firm employee does is take money to the bank using their car, you need this endorsement.  If you or your employees use vehicles for any business purpose, you should make sure that this endorsement is added to your business owners policy or your commercial auto policy. READ MORE >>

Whether a Law or Accounting Firm rents or owns a building, a Business Owners Policy (BOP) is essential insurance coverage.  While most Firms understand how important Malpractice Insurance is.  Professional Liability Insurance only covers the errors and omissions or malpractice claims. READ MORE >>

No one likes to think that their firm could be at risk, but the truth is natural disasters can strike at any time. Being prepared ahead of time can save your firm.  Hurricane season starts in June and continues through November, Tornado season from April until September June, and major thunderstorms or flooding can happen any time. READ MORE >>

Many law firms and accounting firms know that they need professional liability insurance to protect them for malpractice.  But many firms neglect the business side of their practice.  BOP stands for Business Owners Policy.  It is a prepackaged policy specifically designed to meet the needs of small to medium sized businesses. READ MORE >>

The exposure to law and accounting firms threatening their very existence from Cyber Crime has never been greater.  Questions you need to answer is that if you have the things that cyber criminals want, do you have insurance coverage to protect you in cases where cyber criminals take? READ MORE >>

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