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L Squared Insurance Agency Blog: cyber security

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What’s happening New strains of malware called "Trickbot", often a precursor to ransomware, have been recently released and are targeting businesses across the globe. Coalition has been handling an increased number of these cases, and we project that number to increase over the holiday season. READ MORE >>

The National Counterintelligence and Security Center       Know your risk, raise your shield.  In a recent warning the National Counterintelligence and Security Center’s (NCSC) website put out a warning to all businesses: READ MORE >>

Every get an e-mail that implies that you have won the lottery or that if you will just help this unknown person out you will be rich beyond your dreams? Best advice is to just delete the e-mail and do not ‘pass go’.  It is true that you will not collect your $200, but you also won’t drain your bank account. READ MORE >>

About 2 years ago we blogged about the data breach of the now defunct Panama Law Firm Mossack Forseca.  If you remember over 11.5 million stolen client documents were leaked to the press over a period of months  These leaked client files were dubbed the Panama Papers. READ MORE >>

Law firms are starting to see clients auditing their security practices, controls and technology.   Many clients that are concerned about data security audit their law firm’s information technology services and infrastructure. Some firms struggle to comply with client expectations. READ MORE >>

Remember the TV show that voted you off if you were the weakest link?  A number of studies have concluded that the person at the keyboard is your weakest link and the greatest data security threat.  In fact employees were the number one cause of data breaches in small and mid-sized businesses accounting for over 48% of all incidents. READ MORE >>

The exposure to law firms threatening their very existence from Cyber Crime has never been greater.   A recent article by CNN detailed that North Korea hackers tried to seal over $1 Billion.  And they are not the only state actor. READ MORE >>

Travelers Insurance has developed a ‘Pressure Test’ for your Cyber Risk.  Once completed the site provides many helpful hints for managing the Cyber Risk.  To take the test click on:   Cyber Security Pressure Test   If you want help with your Cyber Insurance needs, please contact L Squared Insurance Agency. READ MORE >>

2018 Webinar Series for Legal Professionals Cybersecurity and the Future of Legal Malpractice Claims A Risk Management Resource for Legal Professionals READ MORE >>

Identity theft continues to rise.  Want to be a target?  Posting personal details on social media like loans, credit cards or phone contacts will put you in the crosshairs of cyber criminals.   It can leave victims with big bills, or a bad credit rating (the points-based system lenders use to decide if you can borrow their cash). READ MORE >>

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