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L Squared Insurance Agency Blog: attorney malpractice insurance

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Disciplinary Coverage is an additional coverage found on most admitted and some non-admitted Attorney Malpractice Insurance policies.  Some malpractice insurers that do not offer this coverage are willing to endorse it on if requested.  READ MORE >>

The assumption that your attorney malpractice policy will not answer in case of a criminal complaint could be invalid.  A recent New Jersey court case was cited in Professional Liability Matters by Seth L. Laver, Andrew P. Carroll and Steven C. READ MORE >>

Suspended and/or disbarred attorneys want to obtain coverage to protect their past acts.  So it begs the question can a suspended attorney obtain an attorney malpractice insurance policy? Most attorney malpractice insurance policies have an outright exclusion for a suspended attorney. READ MORE >>

Attorney Malpractice, Accountant Professional Liability and Title Agency Errors and Omissions Insurance are written on a claims-made policy form on behalf of the named insured firm.  Coverage extends from the firm to the employees, contractors, and partners/members of the firm. READ MORE >>

  Question from attorney: Does your insurance agency provide malpractice insurance for mediators? I have a litigation practice but am hoping to expand into mediation as a significant area of my practice.   Response: Mediation is normally defined as a professional service a lawyer would perform under most attorney malpractice policies. READ MORE >>

This issue recently came up with a client who was trying to determine which insurer had ‘better’ coverage.  As frequently happens the client went no further than the declarations page to come to a conclusion. There is no standard Professional Liability Insurance Policy. READ MORE >>

Yesterday’s blog dealt with a data breach that did not use a computer.  There are many ways to compromise personal confidential information without a computer.  This is a recent example of what can happen: As with many older law firms, this firm had too many client files for its actual office space. READ MORE >>

When people think of a data breach’s they often think of a cyber-criminal breaking into a computer system and stealing client/customer personal information.  They are not all very high tech.  This is an actual occurrence that recently happened:   READ MORE >>

A recent article from The Dentons, “You’re Facing a Malpractice Claim; Don’t Make it a Bad Situation Worse”, gives advice on what to do after the mistake has been made.  Every so often we have law firms that actually make things much worse. READ MORE >>

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