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You have just been served with a Malpractice Lawsuit.  Your emotions will range from anger and rage to self-denial and guilt.  Take a little time to breath.  Once you have done that your 1st step should be to report the claim to your malpractice insurance agent and/or your malpractice insurance claims department. READ MORE >>

In the case of Harleysville Insurance Company v Holding Funeral Home,  the Harleysville defense counsel (Defense Counsel) sent to the Holding Funeral Home Plaintiff Counsel (Plaintiff Counsel) certain documents on a thumb drive. READ MORE >>

We get this request frequently.  A law firm’s practice has changed.  They are no longer doing the big time plaintiff cases or the mergers and acquisition work.  They are looking to cut costs.  One of the Law Firm’s larger expenses is Attorney Malpractice Insurance. READ MORE >>

Markel Insurance Company wrote an attorney malpractice policy for Las Vegas attorney Robert Graham in 2015.  According to Markel the Law Firm’s application stated that they knew of no circumstances, situation, act, error or omission that could lead to a claim against the firm, even tho... READ MORE >>

Recently Blogged about the American Bar Association (ABA) Hours of Delegates voting to approve model rules requiring that attorneys complete one hour of substance abuse and mental health education every 3 years.  Many attorneys work to a large extent by themselves and unlike many other professions can have very little support group to help them with the daily stresses of life. READ MORE >>

Blowing a statute of limitation or a deadline is the quickest way to turn your client problem into the attorney’s problem.  This is one of the most common preventable errors that can be counted on to turn into an attorney malpractice claim. READ MORE >>

It is not always clear when the line of misrepresentation or non-disclosure on the Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance application crosses the line between having a specific claim denied to having the coverage rescinded. READ MORE >>

CEOL stands for Claims Expenses Outside the Limits.  The purpose of CEOL is to provide a separate limit of liability claims expenses to help preserve the primary limit of liability.  The other Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance Policy option is Claims Expenses Inside the limits (CEIL). READ MORE >>

As an insurance agency the specializes in Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance it is interesting to see some of the claims that come in, where the attorney should have known better and/or supervised their staff better. READ MORE >>

How do Attorney Malpractice Claims begin?   Clients do not like to be ignored by their attorneys.  When a client calls, e-mails, texts or mails a letter, they expect a prompt response.  Given how connected the world is today with being able to texted or e-mail at any time or day, ... READ MORE >>

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