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CEOL stands for Claims Expenses Outside the Limits.  The purpose of CEOL is to provide a separate limit of liability claims expenses to help preserve the primary limit of liability.  The other Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance Policy option is Claims Expenses Inside the limits (CEIL). READ MORE >>

As an insurance agency the specializes in Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance it is interesting to see some of the claims that come in, where the attorney should have known better and/or supervised their staff better. READ MORE >>

How do Attorney Malpractice Claims begin?   Clients do not like to be ignored by their attorneys.  When a client calls, e-mails, texts or mails a letter, they expect a prompt response.  Given how connected the world is today with being able to texted or e-mail at any time or day, ... READ MORE >>

It is not uncommon for opposing attorneys to exchange during discover on a case.  In today’s world more and more of it is done in an electronic form.  Sometimes in its native electronic form that include metadata such as the document author, dates of creation-alteration and where the document was stored. READ MORE >>

This scam was done the old fashion way and brought in over $1.66 Million.  Artashes Darbinyan and Orbel Hakobyan admitted to running a mass mailing scam through companies called Trademark Compliance Center(TCC) and Trademark Compliance Office (TCO).  According to the Justice Department Website Link:          READ MORE >>

The declarations page outlines the key elements of your malpractice insurance coverage (LPL).  Even though there is no standard LPL policy at a bare minimum checking the items listed below is essential.  If you read nothing else, read your declarations page.  Key items to review are: 1. READ MORE >>

Insurance policies can lapse either through administrative issues or lack of funds.  Letting coverage lapse is never a good thing.  Whether it is Business Auto, Business Owners Coverage, Professional Liability Insurance or Workers Compensation letting your insurance coverage lapse can be costly. READ MORE >>

Earlier this year we blogged about a Pennsylvania attorney that had been sanctioned for $1 million for “egregious tactics”.  As we mentioned sanctions are not generally covered by Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance policies. READ MORE >>

The general public commonly believes that attorneys rarely get sued.  By one estimate 1 in 20 private practice attorneys face a legal malpractice claim each year.  Other estimates are that a private practice attorney can face 3 malpractice claims during their careers. READ MORE >>

As the law firms try to address their costs by avoiding hiring new associate attorneys many firms have turned to hiring contract attorneys either on a short or long term basis.  This has advantages to the law firm by being able to take on more legal work without having to permanently increase its fixed costs. READ MORE >>

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