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The attorney was with a high risk insurance carrier letting his coverage lapse in 2016.  He wrongly assumed that it would not be a big deal to get his prior acts back after more than a year and ½..  He had been paying around $7,000 annually to cover his past acts. READ MORE >>

A recent decision by the Tax Court Avrahami  v IRS and Feedback Insurance Co V IRS highlighted that the IRS is now looking more closely at captive insurance companies being used for tax avoidance.  The Avrahamis own 3 jewelry stores and 3 shopping malls in the Phoenix area. READ MORE >>

Many law firms hold attorneys that leave the firm responsible for the attorney malpractice claims deductible should a claim be made against the firm for work that the attorney did while at that law firm.  In most cases smaller law firms carry deductibles of $10,000 or less so although this c... READ MORE >>

An attorney at Wilmer Hale accidentally sent confidential information about the departure of  Pesico's former general counsel to the Wall Street Journal.  Up to that time almost no one knew about the SEC inquiry. READ MORE >>

Debt collection law firms have one of the highest frequencies of reported malpractice claims/incidents for all types of law firms.  While most claims are relatively small, the frequency of claims drives up attorney malpractice rates for all law firms doing debt collection. READ MORE >>

In Westport Insurance v Peter G Mylonas, Westport filed a declaratory action with the court to determine whether multiple allegations of attorney malpractice during Mylonas representation of his client Papadopoulos result in one claim or many claims. READ MORE >>

There is an old saying in the computer industry, ‘everyone makes mistakes, but to really screw-up use a computer’.  Attorney Angela Turiano of Bressler Amery & Ross learned this lesson recently the hard way. READ MORE >>

In Rocky Ferrigno (plaintiff/client) vs Jaghab, Jaghab & Jaghab PC (defendant/Law Firm), the client alleged that the Law Firm should have pursued all avenues to establish damages.  The plaintiff/client stated that he fell from a ladder during routine maintained of a light fixture ballast. READ MORE >>

In Sommerfield v City of Chicago No 13-1265 the 7th US Circuit upheld an award of Attorney’s fees of $430,000.  The initial case started from a discrimination claim filed by a Jewish Police Officer against the City of Chicago Policy Department. READ MORE >>

An Ames & Gough survey of leading Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance Companies found that while the number of new malpractice claims continued to stay steady, claims frequency remains above historical levels.  The study used data provided by nine leading attorney malpractice companies that write approximately 80% of the attorney malpractice sold to law firms. READ MORE >>

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