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L Squared Insurance Agency Blog: non-practicing extended reporting period endorsement

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Attorneys that are supposed to read contracts for a living.  They tell their clients the importance to not only read the contract but to understand what it means.  Rarely do attorneys follow their own advice; many times they end up with expensive lessons. READ MORE >>

Questions dealing with Extended Reporting Period Endorsements (ERP or Tail) are the most frequent questions that we get.  Many attorneys are shocked at the cost of an ERP.  ERP premiums regardless of your attorney malpractice insurance carrier are a multiple of the expiring premium. READ MORE >>

This question comes up with some frequency from Prospective Insureds getting close to retirement:   Question:   “I received your inquiry letter dated June 14, 2017. I currently insure with MLM However, I am considering retirement within the next two years and I am wondering what insurance is offered for lawyers in retirement. READ MORE >>

We previously blogged about Kentucky Attorney Conn who was accused of gaming the social security system out of over $550,000,000.  Per the ABA Journal report, Mr. Conn has pleaded guilty to charges he submitted false medical documents and bribed an administrative law judge to approve claims, obligating the government to pay more than $550 million in lifetime disability payments. READ MORE >>

Background: This firm had 6 attorneys at the beginning of the policy year and is going to dissolve on December 31, 2017.  The firm is planning on purchasing a 1 year Extended Reporting Period Endorsement (ERP) for the firm.  Their current carrier Medmarc Casualty’s policy allows the purchase of individual attorney and firm ERP’s. READ MORE >>

We continue to be approached by attorneys that are close to retirement that are “shopping” their professional liability insurance.  In fact yesterday we had two such occurrences from solo attorneys close to retirement. READ MORE >>

Many attorneys are very frustrated when they 1st breach the subject of using the “free” non-practicing Extended Reporting Period Endorsement (ERP or Tail) with the Attorney Malpractice Agent.  If the agent tells them the cold “truth”, it can change the attorney’s plans about how and when to retire. READ MORE >>

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