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L Squared Insurance Agency Blog: malpractice claims

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When a client expects one result but gets another it’s not uncommon for a client to sue and/or allege attorney malpractice.  Communication starts at the initial client engagement by explaining the legal services that are being provided to the client and never leaving those services open to interpretation. READ MORE >>

Question from Law Firm: My Attorney Malpractice Insurer just non-renewed my policy because of a claim,  now all I can get is ‘Surplus Lines’ or ‘Non-admitted’ insurers for a much higher premium.  How many years after a Legal Malpractice claim do I have to wait to get back with an ‘admitted’ Attorney Malpractice Insurer? READ MORE >>

This issue comes up with frequency.  Attorneys for a variety of reasons join together.  In many cases they share office space, support staff, computer systems, and other equipment to spread out the costs.  Some actually make themselves look like a partnership from letterhead to advertising when no partnership agreement exists. READ MORE >>

Markel Insurance Company wrote an attorney malpractice policy for Las Vegas attorney Robert Graham in 2015.  According to Markel the Law Firm’s application stated that they knew of no circumstances, situation, act, error or omission that could lead to a claim against the firm, even tho... READ MORE >>

Recently Blogged about the American Bar Association (ABA) Hours of Delegates voting to approve model rules requiring that attorneys complete one hour of substance abuse and mental health education every 3 years.  Many attorneys work to a large extent by themselves and unlike many other professions can have very little support group to help them with the daily stresses of life. READ MORE >>

It is not uncommon for opposing attorneys to exchange during discover on a case.  In today’s world more and more of it is done in an electronic form.  Sometimes in its native electronic form that include metadata such as the document author, dates of creation-alteration and where the document was stored. READ MORE >>

This scam was done the old fashion way and brought in over $1.66 Million.  Artashes Darbinyan and Orbel Hakobyan admitted to running a mass mailing scam through companies called Trademark Compliance Center(TCC) and Trademark Compliance Office (TCO).  According to the Justice Department Website Link:          READ MORE >>

The general public commonly believes that attorneys rarely get sued.  By one estimate 1 in 20 private practice attorneys face a legal malpractice claim each year.  Other estimates are that a private practice attorney can face 3 malpractice claims during their careers. READ MORE >>

Question from Law Firm: My Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance carrier non-renewed my policy because of a claim.  Now all I can get is “Surplus Lines” or a non-admitted insurance carrier for a much higher premium than I used to have to pay. READ MORE >>

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