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Too often law firms are so focused on the legal malpractice insurance exposures they neglect to protect the assets needed for running the law practice.  The following check list is just a start to get the firm thinking about the other exposures that may or may not need insurance coverage. 1. READ MORE >>

Law schools may be great at giving lawyers a legal education, but many are very poor in preparing an attorney to run a business.  The last 2 blogs discussed succession planning and the need for a backup attorney, all important issues for running an ongoing law firm. READ MORE >>

Click on the attached article from The Hartford concerning how to improve your cash flow managementCash Flow Management READ MORE >>

No one likes to think that their firm could be at risk, but the truth is natural disasters can strike at any time. Being prepared ahead of time can save your firm.  Hurricane season starts in June and continues through November, Tornado season from April until September June, and major thunderstorms or flooding can happen any time. READ MORE >>

1. Are you responsible for the Building you are in?        Own the Building        Rent the Building ___ Condo ownership ___ Office in residence   2. Are you responsible for the Permanent Attachments to the building, Fixtures, and READ MORE >>

Starting your own Law Practice can be stressful. There are a lot of important choices you have to make to get your practice up and running to become successful.  One of those to minimize up front expenses until the revenue starts to flow is starting the law practice in your home. READ MORE >>

Before a solo attorney starts to practice law in his or her new law firm, the attorney needs to address the business of a law firm.  Attorneys need to realize that a law firm is a small business.  And as with any small business it needs to have a written business plan.  Why put the plan in writing. READ MORE >>

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