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L Squared Insurance Agency Blog: accountant malpractice

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2019 Webinar Series for Accounting Professionals A Risk Management Resource for Accounting Professionals READ MORE >>

Ralph Picardi - Wednesday, August 15th at 1 pm EST (1 CPE) This webinar will focus on how to respond once you become aware of an actual or suspected claim or potential claim (often referred to as an incident). READ MORE >>

A recent decision by the Tax Court Avrahami  v IRS and Feedback Insurance Co V IRS highlighted that the IRS is now looking more closely at captive insurance companies being used for tax avoidance.  The Avrahamis own 3 jewelry stores and 3 shopping malls in the Phoenix area. READ MORE >>

Attorney Malpractice Insurance and Accountant Malpractice Insurance are written on a claims-made basis.  One of the issues is when should a claim be reported and to which insurance carrier on a claims-made policy.  The liability portion of your Business Owners and Workers Compensation policies are written on an occurrence policy form. READ MORE >>

Much has been made about the April 12 US Court of Appeals decision in Travelers vs Portal Healthcare Solutions where the court found that the Travelers Commercial General Liability policy (CGL) did not exclude coverage for data breach. READ MORE >>

The purpose of a Risk Purchasing Group (RPG) is to allow like risks to be able to purchase liability insurance on a group basis.  In 1981 Congress enacted the Products Liability Risk Retention Act that allowed the formation of groups to be formed to purchase liability insurance on a group basis. READ MORE >>

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