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Grow a Little, Give a Little Back
Client Referral Program

To show appreciation for our clients who have placed their trust and confidence in our business and made numerous referrals that help us continue to grow, we are pleased to announce the L Squared Insurance Agency Grow a Little, Give a Little Back client referral program.   Starting in 2012, for each new client referred to L Squared Insurance Agency, we are pledging to donate 10% of new business commission income to a non-profit organization.   If we know who made the referral, we'll make the donation in your name.

To kick off our campaign, we have chosen the The Child’s Advocate as our 2012 recipient for donations.   The Child's Advocate, founded by Sally Scherer, J.D., is a partnership between attorneys and mental health professionals dedicated to providing comprehensive and competent legal representation to children in court actions that affect their lives and relationships.  The Child’s Advocate works in collaboration with Legal Aid of North Carolina, to provide representation for children in Wake County custody cases that are high conflict or involve domestic violence or allegations of abuse. Where appropriate, The Child’s Advocate provides representation for minors who are the victims of crime or are witnesses in criminal or civil cases. 

                        10 Easy Ways You Can Help! 

1.  Recommend us on a listserv and share our contact info:  Louise Paglen, L Squared Insurance Agency LLC, 800-242-7250 or

2.  Post a message on Facebook page a link to the L Squared Insurance Agency website. 

3.  Send an email to your friends with a suggestions they contact us by phone at 800-242-7250 or email to

4.  Like us on Facebook and share our posts with your friends. Click here to go to our Facebook page.  

5. Send us a list of friends, relatives or collegues who might benefit from our services.   We'll let them know you recommended we contact them. Click here to email your suggestions.   

6.  Call us at 1-800-242-7250 and we'll take your referrals over the phone. 

7.  Share our Contact Us link, website, and phone # 800-242-7250. 

8.  Follow us on Twitter @IntelisureLLC and tweet a referral! 

9.  Connect with Louise Paglen on Linkedin and suggest your collegues check out our recommendations from other satisfied clients! 

10.   Write a Client Testimonial and share a link to other testimonials with your friends. 

Thank you for your ongoing support and business.  Since most of our clients have saved money when purchasing their insurance policies through L Squared Insurance Agency, we hope you will also consider giving a little back to The Child's Advocate or a charity of your choice.  



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