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A Florida Grand Jury declined to bring charges against a Florida man, John Marshall, that killed his neighbor, Theodore Hubbell Jr, dumped the body in the back up his pickup truck and then proceeded the 30 miles to his lawyer’s office.  Attorney Harris immediately called 911 to report the murder. READ MORE >>

Mayer Brown isn’t liable for a paralegal’s error that canceled a security interest in a $1.5 billion loan to General Motors because the law firm didn’t represent the lenders, according to a federal appeals court. READ MORE >>

As recently as today, Fedex was stating that many of its overseas deliveries are still being impacted by last month's cyber-attacks.  According to a Lloyd’s Report (Closing the Gap) the long term impacts of a cyber-attack on a business are being underestimated. Key Findings of this report were: READ MORE >>

Many lawyers and law firms are faced with this problem.  The firm has done all the right things trying to avoid billing problems by setting expectations clearly and in writing from the outset to avoid surprises for clients:  obtained an upfront retainer, billed on time, providing clear understandable bills, and  specified the deadline for payment. READ MORE >>

HOW TO BILL WITHOUT GETTING BURNED   Join us for a free CLE webinar on July 20, 2017 Your firm’s billing practices can be the source of great frustration for your clients and could land you in front of a disciplinary board. READ MORE >>

Attorney Protective Tip of the Month Do you have a pile of colleagues’ and clients’ business cards stacked on your desk? Since business cards are still one of the most popular means for collecting contact information, the data should be entered into your new contact folder before it is eaten by the mysterious black hole that has already captured your missing socks. READ MORE >>

Professional Solutions Insurance Company has created an overview on cyber attacks.  To see this document click below. Protect yourself:  Trust Accounts and Email Scams READ MORE >>

Pier Sixty days before a union vote had a supervisor admonished a group of employees for ‘chitchatting’ during working an event.  On a break a few minutes later employee Perez took this admonishment as being disrespectful and took to Facebook to rant. READ MORE >>

If your firm has received a demand letter, I have some good news for you: Your business has not been sued (yet). However, a lawsuit could be in your firm’s near future. A demand letter often precedes a lawsuit and usually represents an opposing party's desire to resolve a dispute before involving the court system. READ MORE >>

According to the New Jersey Advisory Committee on Professional Ethics Committee Avvo’s client-linking services marketing fee violate the ban on lawyer-referral payments and ban on sharing fees with non-lawyers in their June 21 Opinion. Avvo two legal services website products are Avvo Advisor and Avvo Legal Services. READ MORE >>

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