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In the case of Harleysville Insurance Company v Holding Funeral Home,  the Harleysville defense counsel (Defense Counsel) sent to the Holding Funeral Home Plaintiff Counsel (Plaintiff Counsel) certain documents on a thumb drive. READ MORE >>

On a recent blog we posted about Texas Roadhouse's EEOC suit against them.  The Texas Roadhouse chain of restaurants had in 2011 396 locations and 40,000 employees and was subject to an EEOC suit filed in 2011 over age discrimination.  Some of the documentation by the EEOC used at trial involved Post-It Notes attached to job applications. READ MORE >>

Many of the firms that L Squared insures are small.  More than a few Law Firms or Accounting Firms started t from their homes, run their offices from their homes, or have moved back to their homes. The Hartford just posted an article on some basic tips for a Home or Virtual Office. READ MORE >>

Law Firms get very comfortable with their attorney malpractice insurance carrier.  Many firms have never had a claim or even the need to report an incident.  So how do you know that you have the most cost effective insurance policy for your firm?  Cheaper is not always better. READ MORE >>

We have all seen these ads from Lawyers aimed at attracting Prescription Drug Users Clients: “Have you or a loved one been prescribed the blood thinner Xarelto as a treatment for reducing the risk of stroke?” then the ad continues detailing possible side effects from the drug and potential compensation. READ MORE >>

Kimberly Hively, an open Lesbian, began teaching as a part time, adjunct professor at Ivy Tech Community College in 2000. Over many years she applied and was denied for many full time teaching positions.  In 2014, her part time contract was terminated with the College. READ MORE >>

A Swedish startup, Epicenteris, is implanting chips in its employees.  This is currently done on a voluntary basis.  But the possibilities are exciting and terrifying at the same time.    The current chip version allows employees to open doors, gain access to company computer systems and also purchase smoothies. READ MORE >>

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has indicated that it will triple its I-9 audits this year.  When ICE audits your I-9 forms, they may assess civil financial penalties for mistakes made in completing I-9 forms. READ MORE >>

We have blogged about this before.  HIPPA information needs to be protected.  If there is a breach, then the clock starts clicking.  Chicago based Presence Health’s failure to provide notification with the 60 day time from results in an enforcement action costing the firm $475,000. READ MORE >>

Texas Attorney Seely followed his ethical duty and admitted to his client Price that he had made a mistake and that Price should hire another attorney to sue the law firm of Gordon Elias & Seely.  Mr. Price followed through on this advice and sued the firm. To read the full story in Texas Lawyer   READ MORE >>

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