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According to a recent ABA article, Lawyers who travel outside country may be asked to show the contents of their phone or laptop to a customs agent.   A customs agent may not need probable cause so the 4th Amendment will not protect an attorney from searches at the border. READ MORE >>

We all want to make our presentations, discussions and work product sound impressive.  But using the attached words can do just the opposite to the receiver of this information.  The Hartford has compiled 60 of the most overused buzzwords in corporate speak. READ MORE >>

This question comes up with some frequency from Prospective Insureds getting close to retirement:   Question:   “I received your inquiry letter dated June 14, 2017. I currently insure with MLM However, I am considering retirement within the next two years and I am wondering what insurance is offered for lawyers in retirement. READ MORE >>

According to the BBC the DoNotPay robot lawyer website generates documents that people can use in small claims court.  It has not been programmed to provide free legal advice for victims of the Equifax data breach.  Users of this site should be aware that depending on the state small claims court may or may not be the best place for your claim. READ MORE >>

According to CNBC someone or persons on August 21, 2017, bought over 2600 contracts with the right to sell Equifax stock for $135 a share in September.  Each contract cost the buyer 60 to 70 cents each, with the right to sell 260,000 shares in September.  Equifax shares are currently trading around $111. READ MORE >>

Join us for a free CLE webinar  on September 14, 2017 Register Now Risk management is an important topic for attorneys to consider. For solo practitioners, there are unique risks and needs to consider in the execution of risk management plans. READ MORE >>

It has been widely reported that Equifax had over 143 million people's confidential information such as Social Security Numbers, Driver's Information, birth dates and addresses stolen.  Equifax was heavily criticized for waiting until September to announce the hack to the general public. READ MORE >>

This is an important question if you expect the malpractice insurance carrier to pay your malpractice claim.  Not properly insuring the attorneys can cause a claim denial.  Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance policies are written to cover the Law Firm. READ MORE >>

There is a small private flood insurance market in Florida that some say could be a model on how to fix the Federal Flood Insurance Program.  Unfortunately for Florida the test of these private flood insurers may come in the very near future with Irma.   For More Information on the Private Flood Insurance Market READ MORE >>

What many people do not realize is that most homeowners policies, business owners policies, and commercial insurance policies exclude coverage for flood (rising waters etc.).  The National Flood Insurance Program (NRIP) was created because most insurers are reluctant to insure for this peril. READ MORE >>

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