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The process for allowing and recovering attorney’s fees for bad faith prosecution of a claim may differ from state to state.  A recent Pennsylvania case Villani v. Seibert, is an example of just such a case.  This attorney pursued a case against the defendant that was without merit. READ MORE >>

Law Firms or individual attorneys for many reasons either own or help manage other businesses that they do legal work for.  While the relationship is likely mutually beneficial to the law firm and the business there are minefields that law firms and their ‘clients’ need to be aware for this common attorney malpractice insurance policy exclusion. READ MORE >>

Words maybe an Attorneys tool of choice, but sometimes too many words are too much when  it is best to answer just ‘yes’ or ‘no’.  Attorney Hermesmeyer, an Assistant Public Defender, learned the hard way when US District Court Judge John McBryde, repeatedly asked for a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response to the Judge’s question. READ MORE >>

“Duty to Defend” is an important provision in most Professional liability and Malpractice Insurance policies.  This gives the insured the peace of mind that an insurer cannot just choose not to defend without clearly stating why the policy does not provide coverage. READ MORE >>

Amazon’s Alexa is now capable of tracking an Attorneys Billable hours.  Thomson Reuters Elite introduced the Workspace Assistant using Amazon’s Echo Family of devices.  The Workplace assistant keeps track of client time and billing interfacing with Thomason Reuters Elite Workspace desktop using voice activated commands. READ MORE >>

Social Media continues to get attorneys and judges in trouble.  We have blogged in the past that you need to think before you Tweet, Post, or Blog.  Once posted on the internet you will never get it back. READ MORE >>

Debt Collection attorneys are constantly worried about running afoul of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).  According to Professional Liability Matters in Midland Funding LLC v Johnson the Supreme Court ruled that pursuing stale debt in bankruptcy court does not violate the FDCPA. READ MORE >>

I have personnally recieved 2 bogus e-mails from "" this morning.  If you look below, this is part of what one of the e-mails looks like.  DocuSign has about 200 million users and has been embraced as a quick and secure way to sign contracts and other official documents using even a finger on a mobile device. READ MORE >>

This issue comes up with frequency.  Attorneys for a variety of reasons join together.  In many cases they share office space, support staff, computer systems, and other equipment to spread out the costs.  Some actually make themselves look like a partnership from letterhead to advertising when no partnership agreement exists. READ MORE >>


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