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Making a practice of suing clients for unpaid legal fees is like playing the lotto.  The more you sue the greater your chances of getting a retaliatory malpractice claim or disciplinary complaint. An attorney will state, “I want to get paid for the work that I do, so why does my Lawyers Liability Insurance carrier care? READ MORE >>

According to the BBC, Android Smartphones since 2012 been targeted by malware dubbed Dark Caracal.  The malware was designed to look like 'WhatsApp' and 'Signal' which had stolen gigabytes of data.  This malware was aimed at Attorneys, Military Personal, Activists and Journalists. READ MORE >>

The purpose of a Risk Purchasing Group (RPG) was to allow like risks to be able to purchase liability insurance on a group basis.  In 1981 Congress enacted the Products Liability Risk Retention Act that allowed for groups to be formed purchasing liability (casualty) insurance on a group basis. READ MORE >>

Lawyers chose to go without malpractice insurance believing because they work for a small firm and maintain close relationships with their clients they are immune to claims. Other attorneys believe that the chances of them facing a claim aren’t great enough for them to purchase a Lawyers Liability Malpractice insurance policy. READ MORE >>

Yes it could mean it is time to get a new device.  But there is another possibility.  According to a recent BBC Website article, the price of Bitcoins and other cyber-currency has given huge incentives to cyber criminals to mine cyber-currency.  This has resulted in an explosion of data mining. READ MORE >>

As reported in the Insurance Journal, this is an example of why it is difficult to give a definitive answer about how much professional liability insurance coverage you need.  Granted this is an extreme example but $214 millions attorney malpractice suits do happen. READ MORE >>

Recently blogged that L Squared turned 15 in 2017.  What you may not know is that L Squared is in 47 states and the District of Columbia. There are few independently owned professional liability agencies that can deliver the errors and omissions insurance for Accountants, Dentists, Lawyers and Title Agencies on a nationwide basis. READ MORE >>

This is information supplied by a tech support vendor, that may be helpful.   In case you missed it, it was announced last week that there are very wide-spread vulnerabilities that involve almost every CPU made since 1995. READ MORE >>

Yesterday’s blog dealt with a data breach that did not use a computer.  There are many ways to compromise personal confidential information without a computer.  This is a recent example of what can happen: As with many older law firms, this firm had too many client files for its actual office space. READ MORE >>

When people think of a data breach’s they often think of a cyber-criminal breaking into a computer system and stealing client/customer personal information.  They are not all very high tech.  This is an actual occurrence that recently happened:   READ MORE >>

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