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When you have insurance coverage, it's easy to get complacent.   That first year when you purchase your initial coverage you may have spent considerable time reviewing your insurance needs and getting the proper insurance coverage.  Now you have your coverage and you're used to paying your premiums. READ MORE >>

We need your help.  L Squared Insurance Agency has been featured as a top choice by Michigan Lawyers Weekly in the Best Legal Malpractice Insurance Provider Category for 2019.  But the finalists will be determined by popular vote.  Please go directly to question #36 on the following survey and vote for L Squared Insurance Agency today. READ MORE >>

Attorneys that are forming new practices, either for the 1st time as a new in practice attorney or coming from a larger firm often confront application questions that do not make sense.  Malpractice Insurance Applications are retrospective questionnaires. READ MORE >>

Procrastination avoidance tips include: Schedule the thing that you least want to do as your first activity for the day – get it out of the way. Delegate what you keep putting off, if possible. Refer the case you’re avoiding to another lawyer (following the rules in your jurisdiction). READ MORE >>

Brianna Scott & Bethany VanderWerf at 2019 Florida Bar Convention representing L Squared Insurance Agency. READ MORE >>

Attorney Malpractice Insurance policies are not “All Risk” insurance contracts.  It is important to know what is covered in your policy.  Unfortunately, I normally get this question after the attorney is either threatened with sanctions or sanctions have been awarded: From Attorney READ MORE >>


McGowan Program Administrators recently blogged about file retention for CPAs.  Improper file retention will expose a CPA firm to liability claims and lawsuits.  The digital age has expanded the types of documents that must be handled properly.   Click to Learn More about File Retention READ MORE >>

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