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News headlines routinely feature high-profile data breaches and computer intrusions, with companies working around the clock to contain the damage to their business, their customers and their reputations. But research shows that cyber criminals are also attacking smaller “Main Street” businesses that are often less prepared to prevent and respond to an attack. READ MORE >>

One mistaken click can be costly if a hacker gains access to your business email account and uses that access to defraud your business of thousands – or even millions – of dollars. Watch Ken Morrison, a Travelers cybersecurity professional, show how an attack like this works, so you can recognize the signs and take steps to protect your business from cyber criminals. READ MORE >>

Prior acts and the claims-made policy form are two of the most misunderstood malpractice insurance concepts.  This misunderstanding costs professionals millions of dollars in lost coverage every year.  There are two basic property and casualty insurance forms; the ‘occurrence’ policy form and the ’claims-made’ policy form. READ MORE >>

As Cyber Month continues, it is time to debunk a few myths about cyber exposures being covered by your attorney malpractice policy.  This is by no means a complete list claims not covered by your malpractice insurance.  Also, cyber insurance may or may not provide coverage. 1. READ MORE >>


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