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Fraudulent wire transfers can be a significant exposure to Law Firms and Title Agencies.  Even with proper controls in place a firm could be faced with a 6 or 7 figure loss.  Now just by hitting a button you can send millions of dollars out of your Trust Account. READ MORE >>

Suing a client for unpaid legal fees is usually a bad idea.  Yes an attorney can wait till after the statute has run, and yes this may prevent a counter claim or at least provide a defense.  But it will not prevent a bar complaint from being filed and if done frequently it impacts your attorney malpractice premiums. READ MORE >>

Many firms and some insurance agents forget to add this coverage.  But even if the only thing a firm employee does is take money to the bank using their car, you need this endorsement.  If you or your employees use vehicles for any business purpose, you should make sure that this endorsement is added to your business owners policy or your commercial auto policy. READ MORE >>

An attorney’s private life involves the daily stuff that everyone deals with.  This includes buying and selling houses and cars; running other businesses; getting into disputes; car accidents; and having loved ones in the hospital.  Attorneys sometimes try to help their cause by at times by reminding the other party that they are an attorney. READ MORE >>

Today’s virtual society has changed how attorneys operate.  The law firm’s files can be somewhere in the clouds.  This allows easy access just about anywhere and eliminates law libraries, file cabinets and large amounts of physical storage. READ MORE >>

Who does not love a lively verbal debate?  Whether it’s about your favorite football team or a politician when done in a friendly manner, it can bring us together.  Problems start when it is put in writing.  Some of the best advice that my Dad ever gave me is not to send anything to anybody when you are upset. READ MORE >>

When you have insurance coverage, it's easy to get complacent.   That first year when you purchase your initial coverage you may have spent considerable time reviewing your insurance needs and getting the proper insurance coverage.  Now you have your coverage and you're used to paying your premiums. READ MORE >>

We need your help.  L Squared Insurance Agency has been featured as a top choice by Michigan Lawyers Weekly in the Best Legal Malpractice Insurance Provider Category for 2019.  But the finalists will be determined by popular vote.  Please go directly to question #36 on the following survey and vote for L Squared Insurance Agency today. READ MORE >>

Attorneys that are forming new practices, either for the 1st time as a new in practice attorney or coming from a larger firm often confront application questions that do not make sense.  Malpractice Insurance Applications are retrospective questionnaires. READ MORE >>

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