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From Dental Insights, Fall 2019 By Wasif Khan J.D., L.L.M., Lance Jones J.D., and Julieta Kosiba J.D. For many dentists, their role as employers is often overlooked, taking a backseat to their role as healthcare providers. The two roles should not be viewed, however, as separate. READ MORE >>

After almost 15 years in the same spot we are excited to announce that we will be moving into our own building.  The remodeling is almost complete.  We are moving on August 30th.  The new address will be 2430 Camelot Ct Dr, Grand Rapids MI 49546. READ MORE >>

Small firm attorneys may choose to go without malpractice insurance in the mistaken belief that their close relationship with their clients makes them immune to claims. Other attorneys believe that the chances of facing a claim are low. The logic flaw is that small firm attorneys are just as likely to have a malpractice claim as their more high-profile peers. READ MORE >>

The Alaskan case of ALPS v Ingaldson Fitzgerald PC is an example of the courts refusing to force an insurer to cover attorney’s fees. Awarded attorney’s fees normally are not covered under an attorney malpractice insurance policy. READ MORE >>

Insurance policies can lapse because of administrative issues or lack of funds.  Letting coverage lapse is never a good thing.  Whether it is Business Auto, Business Owners Coverage, Professional Liability Insurance or Workers Compensation letting your insurance coverage lapse can be costly. READ MORE >>

Fraudulent wire transfers can be a significant exposure to Law Firms and Title Agencies.  Even with proper controls in place a firm could be faced with a 6 or 7 figure loss.  Now just by hitting a button you can send millions of dollars out of your Trust Account. READ MORE >>

Suing a client for unpaid legal fees is usually a bad idea.  Yes an attorney can wait till after the statute has run, and yes this may prevent a counter claim or at least provide a defense.  But it will not prevent a bar complaint from being filed and if done frequently it impacts your attorney malpractice premiums. READ MORE >>

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