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Protecting the ‘business side of the law’, the firm needs to carry business owners, workers compensation, and cyber insurance. But these commercial insurance policies exclude the ‘practice side of the law’. Claims-made attorney malpractice insurance policies protect the ‘practice side of the law’. READ MORE >>

Preparing For and Conducting an Effective Mediation By Reminger Attorneys at Law and Alta Pro Insurance   Date: Wednesday, April 17th, 2019 Time: 1 PM EDT, 12 PM CDT Who gets CLE: CLE Credit Ohio, Indiana and Illinois Attorneys only Click Here to Registra READ MORE >>

Kind of like feeling that your are about to crash into a mountain, realizing that you have made a mistake can be scary but hiding the mistake will only make it worse. It’s wise to contact your malpractice insurer as soon as you realize a mistake has been made.  Protect your policy rights with timely claim reporting. READ MORE >>

For years some professionals go without worrying about malpractice insurance coverage and the protection that comes with having their past acts covered.  But then there is a changing of the guard and the attorney or accountant calls because they need past acts protection. READ MORE >>

Accountants that have not had a claims-made policy often do not understand the importance of maintaining prior acts.  Many think it is just a ploy for the insurer to collect more money.  The reality is that claims-made insurance policies are almost worthless without the proper maintenance of prior acts coverage. READ MORE >>

Have you gotten this e-mail. I got it today.  Was feeling left out since have been reading about this for last couple of weeks.  It is scareware that is trying to get you to cough up $1000.  Basically they are sending this out to anyone and everyone. READ MORE >>

We are frequently asked why a Commercial Umbrella Insurance policy cannot be used to increase liability limits for their attorney malpractice exposure.  The simple answer is that a Commercial or Personal Umbrella Insurance policy specifically excludes coverage for work done by an attorney. READ MORE >>

Legal malpractice policies sold in the United States are claims-made policies.  Conceptually the insurer that is on the risk is the insurer and policy form that will defend the insured and pay the claim should a claim be made during the policy period, providing that the reported act occurs after the prior acts date. READ MORE >>

Attorney Malpractice Insurance policies are generally written as a ‘Duty to Defend’ policy.  With a Duty to Defend policy the insured has an expectation that if a claim is brought against the insured that the insurer will step up to the plate and provide a defense for the insured. READ MORE >>

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