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Independent Contractors

Many experienced paralegals and title searchers choose to freelance, offering their professional services to law firms as independent contractors.  Although an attorney must supervise the paralegal's work, the law firm's malpractice insurance usually doesn't provide coverage for the independent paralegal named as a defendant in a lawsuit.


If you are an independent paralegal, you can protect yourself and your personal assets by purchasing professional liability insurance in your own name.  Contact L Squared Insurance Agency today to request a quote for Professional Liability Insurance.  For fastest service, click here to download and complete an application today.  

Lawyers who work with independent paralegals should require the independent paralegal to carry adequate malpractice insurance, or choose a professional liability policy that specifically covers independent contractors.   


Paralegal Associations

It's no secret that networking with other professionals in your field is beneficial to your career.  It's also a great way to manage risk  and avoid claims.  You are a lot less likely to make mistakes in the law office if you stay on top of your game.



Participation in a professional paralegal association can help you keep your career on track.  For your convenience, here's a link to a list of paralegal associations compiled by the North Carolina State Bar.  Get involved in one today!


State Bar Paralegal Certification Program 

The North Carolina State Bar Paralegal Certification program is an excellent opportunity for paralegals to distinguish themselves as legal professionals.  L Squared Insurance Agency encourages all North Carolina paralegals to participate in the program which "promotes proper utilization of paralegals and assures that legal services are professionally and ethically offered to the public."  To learn more about the North Carolina State Bar paralegal certification program, click here



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