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L Squared Insurance Agency Blog: legal malpractice

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  According to USA Today, New York Suffolk County District Judge is accused of repeatedly breaking into his neighbors house and stealing the 23-year-old daughters underwear out of the clothes hamster.  READ MORE >>

In a previous blog, Attorney Malpractice—Substance Abuse the Practice of Law’s Dirty Little Secret', we detailed attorney’s struggles with substance abuse.  The ABA just documented another attorney whose practice of law has been cut short by his drinking. READ MORE >>

In Wesco Insurance Co v Layton, Texas attorney Ledford E White took out an attorney malpractice insurance policy with Wesco for the policy term of March 14, 2014 to March 14, 2015. White had maintained malpractice insurance coverage since 1997 through various malpractice insurers. READ MORE >>

Law firm has a client(s) with business in many states, but their insurance carrier is only licensed in one of those states.  We have actually helped law firms having 3 different policies in 3 different states. This is a particular problem that many Attorney Malpractice Mutual Insurers have. READ MORE >>

Question: I am told my Attorney Malpractice Insurance Policy has a ‘Hammer Clause’—What is a ‘Hammer Clause’? Response: There is no attorney malpractice policy that actually states or defines the term for ‘Hammer Clause’. READ MORE >>

Along with attorneys not understanding claims-made insurance coverage and the need to protect past acts, more than one attorney has ‘top sheeted’ their policy determining they have 60 days past expiration to renew or get new coverage because of the 60 day  ‘Automatic’ Extended Reporting Period (ERP). READ MORE >>

There are many reasons that a person or entity might want to provide funding helping a plaintiff pursue a commercial lawsuit.  It can be for personal reasons such as promoting a cause or settling a score.  But most litigation funding is now coming from professional  3rd parties that make a business on betting which cases will be successful. READ MORE >>

Attorneys become upset when they find out that suing clients for unpaid legal fees can cause their attorney malpractice insurance premiums to increase.  In fact, with many admitted malpractice insurers as few as 5 client fee suits for unpaid legal fees in a 2 year period causes the insu... READ MORE >>

Claims-made insurance is often misunderstood.  This misunderstanding can be costly. All Attorney Malpractice Insurance policies issued in the USA are written on a ‘claim-made’ policy form.  With claim-made coverage, once policy lapses, so does your past acts coverage. READ MORE >>

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