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In Burton v Kohn, John H Burton filed a Fair Debt Collection Practices Acts (FDCPA)/Wisconsin Consumer Act (WCA) against Kohn Law Firm SC and Unifund to avoid paying a debt.   This all started in February 2015, when Kohn Law Firm on behalf of Unifund filed a lawsuit in Brown County Circuit Court to collect a debt against Burton. READ MORE >>

According to the Orange County Register, California Defense Attorney James Crawford got into a brawl with District Attorney Investigator Dillon Alley on the 10th Floor of the Santa Ana Courthouse.  There were conflicting stories about who started the brawl.  Different witnesses stated that each party had thrown the first punch. READ MORE >>

Attorney in Washington state had a continued history of double dealing with her firm. After being fired for the practice she mislead her new employer and continued the same arrangement with individual clients outside of her firm.  For that and many other sins she was disbarred. READ MORE >>

This often asked question only comes from the attorney that might be paying more than his friend.  I say might, because occasionally they are both paying the same premium.  But there are other cases where the premiums are dramatically different. READ MORE >>

Most Attorney Malpractice Insurance policies have exclusions for outside interest in other businesses that may or may not be a firm client.  This is one area that attorneys need to be careful about.  Every insurer’s malpractice policy has different wording. READ MORE >>

Normally there is confusion at the Law Firm’s office when a request comes in to add a certificate for a mortgagee to an attorney malpractice insurance policy.  While we do write many firms’ business owners coverage (BOP) and are happy to add the mortgagee to a BOP; we decline when it is specifically for the malpractice insurance. READ MORE >>

Lawyers that choose to go without malpractice insurance believe that because they work for a small firm and maintain close relationships with their regular clients, that they are immune to claims. Other attorneys believe that the chances of them facing a claim aren’t great enough for them to purchase an Attorney Malpractice insurance policy. READ MORE >>

Some law firms are reluctant to report small claims.  Many times the law firm feels that the legal malpractice claim is small and they can cover it themselves.  These strategies will help their insurance history thus keeping their attorney malpractice insurance premiums lower. READ MORE >>

Tough call, you found this terrific attorney that would be a great fit for your firm.  The attorney’s prior firm(s) work experience and skills are exactly what your law firm needs.  The attorney is concerned about the prior firm surviving after departure and has asked if you will pick up this prior acts exposure. READ MORE >>

Yesterday we blogged about client selection and how client selection helps prevent Attorney Malpractice Claims.  Today we have a Monkey attempting to file a copyright infringement suit against a photographer.  PETA decided that it was time to help an Indonesia Macau Monkey named Naruto protect his rights to the “Monkey Selfies” that he took in 2011. READ MORE >>

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