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L Squared Insurance Agency Blog: 2_2018

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This may be a misunderstood concept for claims-made insureds or just wishful thinking.  Just because an insured has a claims-made policy at the time that a claim is reported does not mean that there will be coverage for that claim.  READ MORE >>

Disciplinary Coverage is an additional coverage found on most admitted and some non-admitted Attorney Malpractice Insurance policies.  Some malpractice insurers that do not offer this coverage are willing to endorse it on if requested.  READ MORE >>

More than one attorney has been very upset to find that attorney’s fees are rarely covered under an attorney malpractice insurance policy.  Usually this realization comes after the claim is denied.  Included under this category of damages are civil or criminal fines, sanctions, or penalties ordered by a court or other administrative body. READ MORE >>

The assumption that your attorney malpractice policy will not answer in case of a criminal complaint could be invalid.  A recent New Jersey court case was cited in Professional Liability Matters by Seth L. Laver, Andrew P. Carroll and Steven C. READ MORE >>

How to Respond if Your Company's Data is Taken Hostage   By Tom Kang of The Hartford   The first ransom note in American history was written in 1874, when kidnappers demanded $20,000 to return four-year-old Charley Ross to his parents. READ MORE >>

By Nate Hindman of The Hartford There’s nothing quite like the dread you feel after realizing you’ve sent a questionable email at work. Maybe you notice that the target of your email’s scorn was still CC’d, or maybe you’re a victim of the ever-dangerous accidental-send midway through introducing yourself to a new contact or client. READ MORE >>

By James O'Brien of The Hartford Data Breach Owning a small business means owning data. You’re constantly acquiring new information related to your customers, your financial details, and all the vendors and contractors with whom you work. READ MORE >>

Suspended and/or disbarred attorneys want to obtain coverage to protect their past acts.  So it begs the question can a suspended attorney obtain an attorney malpractice insurance policy? Most attorney malpractice insurance policies have an outright exclusion for a suspended attorney. READ MORE >>

By Seth L. Laver, Andrew P. Carroll and Sean P. Beiter  of Goldberg Segalla One of the most common problems facing a would-be plaintiff considering a malpractice case is when to file suit. Similarly, those that defend professionals must consider whether to move to stay proceedings if applicable. READ MORE >>

Attorney Malpractice insurance policies have a Retro Active date sometimes called a Prior Acts date.  But some attorney malpractice policies do not.  These attorney malpractice insurance policies are Full Prior Acts (FPA). READ MORE >>

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