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L Squared Insurance Agency Blog: 2_2017

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You can’t undo a data breach once it happens, but you can help mitigate the data breach damage and save your firm’s reputation by responding correctly. Early warning signs of a breached include erratic behavior of computers such as new software suddenly appearing ... READ MORE >>

What is an Innocent Insured and where is that clause in my policy continues to be one of the most asked questions.   It is also a clause that has promoted countless amounts of litigation. Deliberate or illegal acts are normally not insurable either by rule of law or the insurance language in a particular policy. READ MORE >>

About 2 weeks ago we blogged (Attorney Malpractice--Marijuana and the practice of law) about the Federal Government starting to enforce Federal Drug Laws when it comes to Marijuana use. This just in from USA TODAY: Cannabis industry roiled by White House comments on enforcement: READ MORE >>

We get this request frequently.  A law firm’s practice has changed.  They are no longer doing the big time plaintiff cases or the mergers and acquisition work.  They are looking to cut costs.  One of the Law Firm’s larger expenses is Attorney Malpractice Insurance. READ MORE >>

For Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance, there is not common meaning to the terms.  “Full Prior Acts” is a term that is often misunderstood and changes from carrier to carrier as to what it means.  Each Attorney Malpractice policy defines the terms used in the policy in its own unique way. READ MORE >>

Attorney Protective is a member of Berkshire Hathaway Group of Companies.  Specializing in Lawyers professional liability insurance.To View the Att Pro Ally Risk Management News LetterClick Here READ MORE >>

The Financial Crisis and Great Recession had its roots in a number of major problems.  One of those was Real Estate.  Many Home Equity Loans that were over 100% of equity in the house value.  Lenders were willing to lend up to and in some cases over the value of a home. READ MORE >>

Markel Insurance Company wrote an attorney malpractice policy for Las Vegas attorney Robert Graham in 2015.  According to Markel the Law Firm’s application stated that they knew of no circumstances, situation, act, error or omission that could lead to a claim against the firm, even tho... READ MORE >>

LawyerCare Medmarc A Proassurance Company CyberCare® Coverage: Overview Thursday, March 16, 2017  2:00 to 3:00 PM EST Registration Closed  In this webinar Michael Lamprecht will discuss potential cyber threats facing law firms and suggest solutions available to protect against catastrophic cyber losses. READ MORE >>

Recently Blogged about the American Bar Association (ABA) Hours of Delegates voting to approve model rules requiring that attorneys complete one hour of substance abuse and mental health education every 3 years.  Many attorneys work to a large extent by themselves and unlike many other professions can have very little support group to help them with the daily stresses of life. READ MORE >>

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