Customer Testimonials

Thanks again for your assistance throughout these past few months which have been difficult for me.  If not for people like you I'm not sure how I would have made it.  

C. Michael Lawson
Board Certified Civil Trial and Medical Malpractice Attorney
Nashville, TN

Our firm is highly satisfied with Louise Paglen's customized, knowledgeable service and prompt response. Her company offers excellent policies with very competitive prices and I would encourage anyone to compare quotes. We highly recommend L Squared Insurance Agency.

Mattox, Davis, Edwards & Alexander, P.A.
Charlotte-Anne Alexander, Greenville, NC

My husband and I sent all of our policies to Louise and her group.  In a short amount of time they had analyzed each policy and found us the same or better coverage at less cost.  The savings was significant, especially on our homeowner’s policy. We had put off making this change for years thinking all companies and agents were alike. But they aren’t.  Louise did not pressure us. The entire process was without stress as she and her staff did all the work. Thank you Louise.

Tracy Lischer, Esq., Durham, NC

Thanks for being so helpful with this process! You made it easy, and you truly opened my eyes to a better option, which just happens to be much cheaper than Lawyer's Mutual. I'll continue to spread the word!
Frye Law Offices

Katherine Frye, Raleigh, NC

Louise did more than send me a quote.  She searched for the best policy for me and explained my options.  She even helped me understand how insurance companies set premiums for lawyers.  The result was a lower premium and a policy with better benefits. 

Richardson Law Group
Celie Richardson, Research Triangle Park, NC

Our firm purchased more comprehensive coverage from Travelers Insurance at $1600 LESS than what was offered by our carrier of 18 years.  Poor customer service led us to seek coverage elsewhere and it was just a pleasant surprise that we saved so much money.   Louise Paglen and L Squared Insurance Agency are fantastic!

Broker and Hamrick
Leah Broker, Asheville, NC

You are just a gem!!  Thanks so much for all of the advice, Louise!  You're the BEST!  So glad I found you.

Maria Jones, Winton, NC


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